In high school, Anthropologie was the store we went to visit to look at all of the pretty, expensive, things during our field trips to New York City. Everything in that Rockefeller Center store seemed untouchable. My friends and I would run our hands over the embroidered throw pillows and think about the day when we would one day have our own homes and our own money to buy whatever we wanted.

   Now, a decade later, I do have my own money and I do occasionally spend a dollar or two at Anthro as I still adore all of the eclectic bits and bobs that they offer. One thing that has always been out of my reach though, was their furniture. The luxurious pieces have always been priced so high that I've never even given a serious thought to owning one of them. So, when I heard that Pittsburgh was getting the country's first and only Anthropologie Home Outlet, I was beyond excited.

    Though the store opened in October, I just made my inaugural visit this past Saturday.

    Upon first glance, the Anthropologie Home Outlet is a vast warehouse full of colorful, textured, furniture pieces. When I entered, I saw rows and rows of beautiful tufted couches and incredibly chic accent chairs that almost all would have suited my self-described "mid-century maximalist" decor style.

   On this particular day, the store was running an extra 50% off of all bedding, lighting, and curtains. And a purchase of any lighting piece would give you an additional 30% off of furniture. There were a ton of options in these categories.


   Stacks of packaged duvet covers, shams, and quilts were spread out along racks and organized into wardrobes by size. And because I spotted a duvet cover that I purchased from Anthropologie's website in the past, I believe that the items being sold at the outlet are actual Anthropologie items as opposed to items of lesser-quality created specifically for the outlet store. (If you weren't aware, this is often the case of name-brand discount/outlet stores.)

   Currently, the average price of a duvet cover on is approximately $200. The majority of the duvet covers in the outlet store hovered around $150 which isn't too great of a deal on its own. However, if you take into consideration the extra 50% discount on that day, a duvet would come out to about $75 which IS an awesome price in my opinion.

   Curtains were priced similarly and I found and purchased a pair for our new house that are actually still currently available on Anthro's website. The current per panel price is $58. Since I didn't notice any visible damage, I'm not sure why they were so heavily discounted at the outlet, but I was able to score two panels for a total of $35, making them just about 70% off! (This would be my only purchase of the day.)

   When it comes to furniture, unfortunately the majority of the bigger bits were still a bit out of my price range. But, if you have a bigger budget than me, you can find some truly incredible chesterfield style couches at a pretty good deal. I will say however, that some of them are discounted for a reason: scratched velvet, pulled stitches, etc.

    There was one green, leather chair that was absolutely stunning and my perfect style that I actually considered buying. It was dropped down to $249 from its original price of $389, but I quickly realized that the wood on the frame was severely scratched on one side. And while I could have easily sanded and re-painted it, I thought that $249 was too high for a damaged piece of furniture.

     I felt as though the rest of the store seemed hit or miss. A small runner rug that I was interested in, still held a price of over $300 and though it did feel nice, I could definitely find a more affordable option that would fit into my budget. And while I was disappointed to find that there weren't any Capri Blue candles in sight, they did have a fair few Anthro brand options available for prices from $10 to $15.

   Overall, if you have the money and you're looking for some great investment pieces or are just looking for one nice staple, I think that the Anthropologie Home Outlet has a lot of really great options. If you're on a more limited budget like me, you'll have to take your time and do a little bit of digging, but there are definitely some steals to be found. Give it a shot if you're in the area and be sure to let me know what you find!