Basil's Michelle Montana Styles Me (from My Own Wardrobe)


Anyone who knows my good friend and Basil creator, Michelle Montana knows that her talent for putting together incredibly unique and eye-catching ensembles is unparalleled. I, on the other hand, am just learning how to mix patterns and styles to create something new.

Because of this, I've always admired Michelle's bold taste and commitment to turning otherwise ordinary bits into walking pieces of art. I've been craving more creativity in my life, so I invited Michelle over to my apartment this weekend to shake things up a bit!

I opened the doors (well, door, singular - it's a small apartment ya'll) to my wardrobe, let this babe do her thing, and was definitely NOT disappointed. As I knew she would, she took simple things (like a Target slip) and made them look like they came right off of a runway pre-NYFW.

Because Basil is a vintage brand, a lot of what Michelle stresses is the importance of versatility in fashion, as well as sustainability. Being able to reuse older pieces and find new ways to wear them certainly helps to lessen the burden that is waste in the textile industry.

I'm stoked to have an array of new outfits to strut and am truly amazed at the amount of looks that Michelle was able to come up with - with just a few key pieces from my collection! For more details on the "hows" and "whys" of the matches that were made, head over to Michelle's blog!

Also, be sure to check out all of the final outfits in this video and maybe if you're lucky, she will style you too ;)