My interest in JW PEI began when I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Alyssa Coscarelli post on her profile sharing a photo featuring a chic, cream, cross-body bag. After looking into the website and social media, I discovered that there were actually two JW PEI lines: the higher-end, namesake line and a less-expensive line titled Friday by JW PEI. The latter featured limited release bags that would drop every Friday in a fashion similar to that of Supreme.


     Now, I am still slightly confused about this as I cannot find any official press release, but it appears that sometime in the past year, the brands have combined under one name as the only active Instagram account is @jw_pei and both and lead to the same website. The pricing on the website reflects that of the Friday range and they seem to be using a “perpetual sale” type of marketing where bags are always marked as discounted.


     The reasonable pricing was of course an eye-catcher for me, especially for such beautiful-looking bags, but what sold me on giving this brand a shot was the sustainability factor. The website states: “Sustainability is in JW PEI's DNA. We use high quality canvas, polyurethane, and certified fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.” Affordability & Sustainability are like fashion porn to me and having them combined is *chef’s kiss*.


     After a few months of careful selection, I decided to take the chance and purchase the bag that I had been most drawn to: the “Mini Flap Bag” in the “Brown Croc” color way. I added it to my cart when it was discounted to $35 (it’s currently “on sale” for $59 from $99 and I haven’t seen it rise above that price once). With the reduction of the 10% introductory discount and the addition of the $5.90 shipping, my total came to $37.40. If the bag was as-advertised, I’d consider this a steal!


   Shipping was estimated at 10-20 days and though it states on the website that JW PEI is a “Los Angeles based accessories brand”, it shipped via Yun Express in China. Their tracking system was the most frustrating part of the ordering process because once my package arrived in the United States, it switched over to FedEx Smart Post which I didn’t realize is actually delivered via USPS. And while my package was never lost, I was not given an updated tracking number. Yun Express’s website did continue to update when the bag arrived at each location, but I was not able to see the expected delivery date until it was listed as “out for delivery”. Overall, I placed my order on December 28th, it shipped on December 31st, and was at my front door on January 18th. So, though it

took longer than I would have preferred (I feel spoiled by two-day shipping), the estimated shipping did fall just within the time that they provided.


     To be honest, the bag came elegantly wrapped! It was packaged in a nice-quality, marble patterned, cardboard box with an embossed logo on the front. Inside, the new bag was protected by a light-weight dust bag. And when I opened it, looked beautiful! 


    The coloring is slightly more maroon than brown (as you can tell by these naturally lit photos), but I honestly like it and find that it gives it a little bit of a more unique look while still remaining an extremely wearable neutral. It comes with one clip-on strap that is not adjustable, but sits at a flattering hip-height or can be rotated to the front to lay in a trendy way across my chest. The inside is a great size and can easily fit my iPhone 11, card holder, keys and Glossier Balm Dotcom (the essentials). I did find a tag inside that had “Friday by JW PEI” printed on it, so I’m still confused about the brand’s true identity, but either way, I love it! The vegan leather is very sturdy, the gold hardware is shiny and the front clasp feels very as though it was built to last. Despite the month of wear (I had to properly test it!), it’s not showing a single sign of use which I find very promising and I'm looking forward to wearing this bag many times in the future.


    In general, I’m glad that I decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase and can say that I will definitely be purchasing from JW PEI again. To be honest, I already have my eye on the “Rantan Faded Wash Bag”, the “Gabbi Bag”, and the “Eva Shoulder Bag” (which reminds me of the BY FAR “Rachel”).

     Let me know if you'd be interested in reading reviews on any of those or seeing them styled! I'd be happy to oblige.